Grow Your Financial Garden

1) You must first plant seeds in good soil in order to “Grow Your Garden.” Seeds won’t grow in debt. Re-evaluate where you are planting your seeds. In other words, where is your money going or growing? What is your spending plan? Calculate your Garden’s Net Worth. Do you have more weeds (liabilities) than seeds (assets)?

2) Organize your Garden by writing down where your seeds are going on a daily basis. Where do we spend our money? Write down what you spend. Don’t let your Garden get out of control.

3) Clean out your weeds. What is choking your Garden (money)? High interest rates, late fees, overspending on unnecessary expenses.

4) Stop watering your weeds. Cut your spending, by making layoffs in your budget. Layoff some of your cable channels, bundle you insurance (life, auto, etc.) shop and compare. I.E. Bring lunch to work: $60 per month savings, $720 per year. Compare prices: Free internet:

5) Be prepared for bad weather. Bad weather can hurt your Garden, but we must have a rainy day fund. Six months of after-tax dollars in a money market fund. Always remember rain brings growth and a stronger Garden.

6) Grow your Garden with tax deferred. Pre-tax seeds are the best when invested in your 401(k) or retirement plan at work. Your employer might add more seeds to your Garden. You can even catch up on your retirement plan by adding more seeds if you are over 50. You can also plant an IRA or Roth IRA. You can never have too much for retirement. I want my flowers in retirement!

7) Hire a Financial Gardner to maintain your growth. You need an accountant to count your seeds. Insurance agent to protect your seeds. Financial Advisor to water your seeds. Attorney to make sure your seeds leave a legacy.

8) Have more than one source of seed money for your Garden. Real estate, starting a business, investments, consulting, mystery shopping, and join focus groups that pay for numerous projects.

9) Diversify your Garden, and don’t put all of your seeds in one type of soil. Diversification is safety when it comes to investing. Plant seeds in researched soil. Make sure you research stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and annuities before investing. A great website to purchase stock is: Be patient, invest wisely, take out the weeds (bad investments). “Don’t ever love anything that can’t love you back!” Prune your Garden, and balance and re-balance according to your age.

10) Pass on your Garden. When we cut a plant, put it in water, and give it to a friend, it is a great feeling. We must give in order to receive. We must plant tulips for short-term investments, trees for long-term, but educating our children on investing is a lifetime investment. We must plant Garden that keeps growing. Education is the best investment.

Source: Gail Perry Mason

10 Ways To Grow Your Business

Growing a business requires continuous attention, careful planning and a willingness to take calculated risks. No matter how successful, a business left by its self will go to pot. In the last decade, the cost and risks associated with doing business have risen dramatically, but also opportunities. Drawing from the experiences with small and medium enterprises of its members, the Manila-based Association of Development Finance Institutions in Asia and the Pacific (ADFIAP) proposes:

1) Give priority to new product or service development. Always seek ways to improve what you have to offer and develop means to reinvigorate your own products or services before someone else does.

2) Find new applications for existing products or services. Be sure to establish a communication means between your company and your product/service users to determine how they really use your products. Offering a financial incentive to surface new applications helps too!

3) Remember the easiest sale of them all. You have already spent the money to acquire your customers and build a relationship with them, why not ask what else we can make or provide for them?

4) Know where to get all the answers. All the answers about how your company is doing, where it should go and what it should stop doing, reside within your own customer base.

5) Buy rather than build. Take a gook look at your targeted industry. There usually is a resource limited company that offers viable products and services that relate to yours. Consider buying them versus investing the same money in organic growth alternative.

6) Think out of boundaries. If you just focus on one market, someday you will find your company can no longer effectively compete because someone else beat you to others.

7) Go eCommerce. Establish an effective means, via the Internet for your customers to educate and update themselves, solve their own problems and order your products with a few clicks of the computer mouse.

8) Know when to say "No" and "Stop". Making or doing something that no longer makes financial sense needs to be dealt with decisively, no matter the, "we have always made those, we have always sold those, or we have always done it that way" commentary.

9) Measure and publish everything. Business practices can only be improved upon if they are written, measured, tracked and periodically audited for effectiveness. All results justify being shared with all employees, good or bad. Always celebrate success publicly, criticize poor performance privately.

10) There is always a price to pay for business growth. There is no clear roadmap on how to best grow your company, each company has its own growth challenges.

Source: please refer

Turning Blog Visitors Into Customers: How To Do That?

The question is that: how do you turn your blog's visitors into customers? (source: Business Sphere)

1. What is your blog all about and what’s in it for the visitor?
Every time when a visitor enters your page, to be honest, you have only a few seconds to keep him/her in your page. If the visitor is not convinced within seconds that your site is worth reading, he’ll go away. Thus you need to show something clearly tell your website visitors which problem your product solves and why your solution is better than other solutions. This piece of information should be presented as prominently as possible.

2. Is your blog trustworthy?
Tell your visitors who you are (professional?) and don’t hide your address. If possible, show customer your testimonials. Show your website visitors that you are a real company and that you can be trusted. Are you a member of an industry organization? Has your company received awards? Let your visitors know.

3. Does your blog look professional?
Another way to create trust is to use a professional website design. Avoid clutter and extreme colors. Use a clear design that makes it easy to read your web pages. If your website displays ads, consider if they distract your website visitors too much from the real content. Your website visitors might also wonder why your site shows ads for other companies.

4. Make it as easy as possible for your website visitors.
Tell your website visitors what you want them to do: “Download the free demo”, “Create a free account”, “Download the free white paper”, “Subscribe to our newsletter”, etc. Focus on a single task. Don’t ask the customer to subscribe to your newsletter or to download the demo or to request more information. Focus also on a single task and tell the visitor in great detail why it would be good for the customer to complete that task. Of course, you can use different tasks on different pages of your site. Add user instructions to every task. The less your website visitors have to think about how to complete the task, the better.

5. Make it a risk-free experience for your customers
Emphasize your respect of privacy and remove unnecessary fields from your sign-up forms. Avoid registration forms or make the forms as short as possible. The more fields a form has, the less people will fill it out. Offer money back guarantees and other guarantees that show your website visitors that it is risk-free to complete a task on your website. Always deliver on your promises!

6. Give search engines what they want while pleasing your website visitors
The title and the major tag line on your web page should contain the main selling proposition of your website and one or two good keywords. When a searches sees your website in the search results, the title will show the searcher that he has found a good match. The content on your web page should confirm and clarify this with more detail. Increasing the conversion rate of your website is an easy way to increase your revenue without increasing the number of website visitors. The more visitors of your website become customers, the more you will earn when your blog is listed on Google’s first results page.

BlogExplosion: Promotes Your Blog & Brings Readers To Your Blog

BlogExplosion is a free service that sends traffic to your blog by promoting your blog and attracting readers to your blog. The mechanism is simple. First, you sign up for service and submit your blog URL to the directory. After then, you can surf member blogs when you want. On the very top of each blog page you visited, there is a bar that displays random numbers and a countdown along with other information. After 30 seconds, the counter says go and you can click the required number to go to another blog page. For each page you visit, you get 0.5 credits. One credit is equivalent to one visit to your blog. You can also distribute credits if you have multiple blogs. Credits can be used to advertise on site. You can also buy credits for cash.

Types of Banners

There are a few types of banner available in BlogExplosion that you can use to promote in your blog. If you manage to attract users to log into BlogExplosion, you will be awarded with credits.

Thank You Nuffnang

Many thanks to Nuffnang, the Asia Pacific's First Blog Advertising Community for the advertisements being placed in my main blog and I'm truly thank you for that. And most important of all, my valuable readers who visited my blog. Thank you for your supports and I appreciate if you leave your link in my chat box so that I'll visit you as well.


Buying Superbike In Malaysia

Riding super bikes isn't popular yet in Malaysia but such culture is building up each days when I see more and more bikers traveling on the highways, wearing their thick leather jacket along with backpacks. This has inspired me to pay more attention in appreciating super bike.

I'm not very good in recognizing all these super bikes but thanks to Bobby whose dealing with super bike business in KL, keeping me updated with current available models of bikes he's dealing with: Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki.

Kawasaki's Z750.

Honda's Fury

Yamaha's Vmax

Yamaha's YZF-R1

Yamaha's R6

Suzuki's GSX-R1000

Just in case you're interested in purchasing one, I'm not the best to ask about the price. Perhaps you should contact Bobby in person.

Contact Number: +60163384486

Exotic Pets In KL & East Coast Region Malaysia

Brian has always been in loved with exotic pets such as pythons, lizards, spiders, etc... Selling hardcore pets is now Brian's part time job and he covers Kuala Lumpur as well as East Coast region (Kuantan, Terengganu and Kelantan).

I visited Brian's shop recently and the first thing that caught my attention was these two reptiles. They were roughly 50cm in length and interestingly they have small spikes on their body. I didn't dare to touch it but another friend of mine did it.

They may look like dinosaurs but they eat and chew like a lizard. Earth worm is their favourite food and I guess Brian has to feed 5 - 6 worms to them per meal.

Snakes are commonly seen in Brian's shop and personally I think I got a little bit freaked out by the snakes.

So here we have Brian's favourite. According to him, a python's cost range is really huge. It may cost from RM400 up to a six-digit range depends on the species, as well as the age.

Brian holding his python but the python was camera shy I guess and it curled up.

So here's the closer view of his python. I actually couldn't believe that I've touched it with my own hand because that was my first time touching a real snake.

I have no idea how Brian does it, he can get you almost anything including dogs, cats, monkeys and even skunk. There was once I asked him about the giant ant eater and he say it is possible for him to get me one. Of course I wouldn't want to keep a giant ant eater in my room. So in case you're interested in purchasing these exotic pets, Brian will be more than willing to offer you a good price as well as delivery services.

Contact Brian
Handphone: +60166766663